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Thursday, June 3, 2010  THROUGH   12:PM- 7PM

Sunday, June 6, 2010

In the early 1800's, the first black settlers which were Bahamians came to South Florida seeking jobs and homes for their families. They were craftsmen and laborers who built Coconut Grove's first hotel, The Peacock Inn. As time went by, the Bahamians got older and were unable to visit their home land. In 1976, several of these citizens from Coconut Grove, Florida whose parents were of Bahamian heritage, wanted to pass along their history to generations to come. The idea was to bring The Bahamas to Coconut Grove. They sought to preserve and perpetuate the history and culture through a celebration of a Bahamian-style festival.

The Miami/Bahamas Goombay Festival in Coconut Grove, Inc. is a celebration of culture expression embracing the legacy of a Bahamian-rooted community known as Coconut Grove. The street festival transforms Grand Avenue into a journey across the ocean, creating a perfect harmony on a rich Caribbean culture of the Bahamas and the strong African-American vibes of Miami. Over the years, the festival has become a signature event including a historical luncheon for the pioneers, a children's corner, where kids read stories and make junkanoo costumes, a colorful parade of energetic, brightly costumed people gyrating and dancing to the rhythmic accompaniment of cowbells, drums, and whistles. Vendors prepare to share their authentic Bahamian and American cuisine in booths that align the streets.

This year (2010) the Goombay Festival will celebrate its 33rd year. The Miami/Bahamas Goombay Festival in Coconut Grove, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the authenticity of the Goombay Legacy. The Goombay Festival Board of Directors, Committee, Staff, Friends, and volunteers strive to provide a historical overview of the American/Bahamian culture by educating and exposing the public to the rich heritage and traditions that create such unique and positive blend for all too enjoy.

Looking back while looking forward to another 33 years of Goombay... Watch us as we pass on important traditions of the Miami/Bahamian heritage.